qSEAp Training Lab
Individuals, either freshers or experienced professionals now can take advantage of our unique training lab to enhance their skills and expertise. We have the knowledge, tools, trainers and industry experience which enables us to deliver world-class training in the field of security to produce the finest consultants to face the extreme of the challenges and deliver the clients with utmost quality services.

Security Consultant

Security consulting for Beginners (450 Hours training)

Any individual who has completed college, freshers or experienced professional and wishes to start their career in information security can take this beginners course with complete hands-on training.

Our trainers are aware of how the industry ticks and they deliver the knowledge in such a way that the students gain inclusive and core practical knowledge of this field.

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Topics included in this training

Basics of network and programming

TCP/IP basic

Network Architecture

Network devices

Basic network protocols

Windows and Linux basics

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Active/Passive Reconnaissance

Enumeration of services

Vulnerability scanner

Configuration Audit

Firewall Rule Based Audit

Common Vulnerabilities and exploitations

Web Application Security Testing

Threat profiling

Owasp Top 10 all years

Vulnerabilities in addition to OWASP top 10.

Business Logic Testing

API security testing

Mitigations of all vulnerabilities


Advance Application and Network Penetration testing (200 Hours Training)

Individuals having 1+ years of experience and further wants to learn & enhance advance security concepts can take this advance course with complete hands-on training.

Topics included in this training

Advance Application and Network Penetration testing

Password attacks

Metasploit Framework

Advance exploitation techniques

Wifi Penetration testing

Advance web attacks

Android Testing

IOS Testing

Thick Client Security Assessment

Exams and Interview Preparation

How are we different from other training firms?

qSEAp has taken the responsibility to bridge gap of academic level knowledge in Infosec and skill sets of a professional consultant. Additional topics which we cover compared to other training institutes:

Do’s and Don’t’s of a security consultant

How to ensure completeness of testing on applications

Common mistakes done by testers which you should avoid

Attack scenario’s and case studies.

How to present vulnerability reports to developers and network admins

Some key tricks to identify challenging vulnerabilities

Mail writing skills when you are operating as a security consultant

Presentation skills

Team leading and Quality assurance skills for senior consultants.

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